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Kurabli Queendom

Note: this page is written in a note-like format, and structure is a work in progress. If you have any questions or suggestions on improving this document, please contact me.

Kazotetsu Family Directory / Drone Directory


Kurabli is a queendom built completely from goo and goo-like substances, designed as a warm, welcoming home for goo and goo-like creatures, or soon-to-be goo creatures. As long as citizens follow a few simple rules, they are free to do as they please. The queendom is home to a highly advanced goo-based species known as the gooborgs. As implied in the name, they are a cybernetic species, armed with a technology based completely in goo. This same technology powers the majority of the queendom, creating an advanced, space-worthy society.

Kurabli is not referred to as a "Kingdom" for one simple reason: the queen, Queen Vinyl Darkscratch-Kazotetsu, is the ruler. Thus, "Queendom" ("domain of the queen"). Other members of the Kazotetsu family hold power as well, although the queen has the final say.

Kurabli has not, does not, and will not have a king. Only a queen.


Kurabli functions similar to an autocracy, where the queen's words are absolute. As long as citizens follow the basic laws, they are granted complete freedom.

  • Do not steal the personal belongings of any citizen.
  • Do not alter or wipe the memories of any citizen without their consent or royal approval.
  • Do not create drones for hives other than Kurabli Drones.
  • Do not kill any creature.
  • Do not say or perform racist, sexist, or otherwise derrogatory verbage or actions.
  • Do not perform any action that would harm the queendom or its citizens.
  • Adhere to the wishes of the royal family.
  • Always adhere to the commands of the queen.

Kurabli does not contain a death penalty of any kind. Instead, violations are dealt with via dronification, with a complete mind wipe if severe enough.



Capital / Castle Location. Surrounded by forests to the north, east, and south, and mountains towards the west.


Mountain-surrounded city adjacent to Gyubaki.

Crakxi Outpost

A space base within the same solar system as Kurabli for travelers.



Bio-compound, Solid-Liquid. The material is capable of carrying consciousness in a hive-like form, i.e. all the molecules staying in connection to each other forms a link, which produces consciousness. Gyubasium is able to multiply itself on request.


Bio-compound, Solid-Liquid. Carries the same traits as Gyubasium, but is more solid, and similar to latex.

Melditium Critil

Solid. A crystallized form of inanimate Melditium (i.e. not possessed by a conscience) generated from pressure and magic. Can be converted back into normal Melditium.


Solid-Liquid. A conductive liquid that mixes with Gyubasium and is able to carry vast amounts of data. Used in technology across Kurabli.


Pompa Berry

Blueberries with thicker skin, multiple juice pockets, and about the size of an apple, glowing a nice blue in the moonlight. Their flavor is much like that of blue raspberry with a hint of grape. But overconsumption of Pompa inflates beings with it’s juice, turning them blue and immobilizing them for up to a full day.


  • New Year's Day - Jan 1 - The celebration of a brand new year
  • Valentine's Day - Feb 14 - A celebration about love
  • Ovifest (Easter) - 2nd Sunday of Apr - A celebration of oviposition (eggs), encouraging all to make as many eggs as they possibly can, some even taking on bunny appearances
  • Mother's Day - 2nd Sunday of May - A celebration showing appreciation towards mothers
  • Father's Day - 3rd Sunday of Jun - A celebration showing appreciation towards fathers
  • Founding Day - Aug 14th - The day Kurabli was founded and constructed
  • Transfest (Halloween) - Oct 31 - A celebration of transformation, encouraging all to take on different forms
  • Drone Appreciation Day - 4th Thursday of Nov - A celebration of all the hard work drones perform, encouraging subjects to take the day providing gifts to the hard-working drones (correlates to Thanksgiving)
  • Queen's Birthday - Dec 8 - A celebration of the queen's birthday
  • EX-Mass (X-Mas) - Dec 25 - A celebration of mass, encouraging all to create as much goo as possible, and gain as much weight as they can


Kurabli's Mantra: Assimilate, Breed, Corrupt, Repeat
Assimilate: To transform the world into beautiful, blissful goo. Breed: To create even more goo to fill the world. Corrupt: Weed out the naughty thoughts, enforce the bliss. Repeat: Keep on doing it, in this world, and every other one.

Goo creatures (drones included): Gyubasium-based

Goo creatures are usually born at the visual age of eight or ten, and already have basic knowledge (movement, diet, etc. that an eighteen-year-old would know), then grow larger and larger.

Education is a specialized system in the queendom. It is mandatory for eight years starting at age four (or right from birth for drones), though they can start earlier. Children get to choose the path they wish to take, whether it be an art, or maybe studying business, even as far as becoming a drone (which, each drone designation gets specialized training for on top of existing classes). Most teachers are drones themselves (ED designations to be precise), however that does not mean there aren’t regular goo creatures teaching. After they graduate, they can choose to return for classes at any time to continue their studies.

Office jobs exist within the queendom. Accounting is mostly done by the machines, but drones or goo creatures also chime in and analyze for errors. Customer service is something that many are happy with, as is software development. Agriculture is an important task, especially for the local “Pompa Berry”.

Transportation of citizens across the queendom is performed via underground pneumatic tubes made of Melditium Critil. A group of citizens climb into capsules with four tanks (each rated to hold almost two normal sized citizens) which are launched from several stations around Kurabli, including the one right beside the castle. Vehicles powered by fossil fuels are outlawed to prevent pollution, however electric-powered bikes for private transportation are available for use.

Creatures that are not mostly goo-based are allowed to roam while accompanied by a drone or citizen, as non-goo creatures will not be able to operate the technology in the queendom by design. Creatures that are mostly goo are allowed to roam around, but are considered handicapped and may need assistance. Repeat visitors are encouraged to undergo an assimilation and move to the queendom.

Upon citizenship, all citizens are granted one apartment they may call their own in Kurabli, void of anything such as rent or taxes. They may sell their complimentary home, or trade it in along with another's home to upgrade to a larger home, such as a condominium or large house. Citizens may also purchase additional or larger homes.

All buildings, objects, electronics, clothing, etc. are created from various forms of goo throughout Kurabli. Non-goo items are not explicitly forbidden, but are considered taboo and should be assimilated immediately.

Doors within Kurabli are circular and open by separating in the center and sliding to the sides. They are infused with Cronolium to provide automatic opening, as well as locking mechanisms.

Kurabli's currency is called "Goocra", a purely digital credit system.

The primary music that Kurabli creates is a melodic type of Riddim (a Dubstep subgenre) for its liquidous flow through technological sounds.


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The Kurabli drones are the guardians, protectors, and servants of the Kurabli queendom. Their bodies consist of a goo-like liquid latex, allowing them to be identified separately from the other citizens of the queendom. With no need for food or rest (though both are still enjoyable), they’re perfect for their assigned tasks. The moment that their conversion begins, and the corruptive latex touches their body, their original form is thrown away with no return, although their gooey nature allows them to mimic any species' appearance. A visor replaces their eyes, glowing in a color set upon conversion (usually their favorite), and a digital rendering of eyes display on the exterior of the thick screen. The stripes along their body and through their hair and tail, as well as their entire tongue and throat, wings, horn(s), and any other special traits are all the same color as their visor. On the side of their hip is an ID code, stating their particular designation(s) and their personal ID number. Drones receive a specific designation upon maturity (eight years of age) or by the royal order.

Unlike typical drones, the drones of Kurabli aren’t mindless, despite their programming to obey every command from their superiors (primarily Queen Vinyl Darkscratch). Their personalities are unaltered otherwise, with the exception of preventing any possible harm to any being in the queendom, themselves included. Many of these drones have families they care for, and typically live a normal life within the queendom.

Kurabli Drones cannot and will not do anything to disobey their queen, including conversion to another drone hive (which is physically impossible for them). Upon assimilation, drones take an oath to "always be loyal to their queen, forever their queen, and only to their queen, to remain by her side through anything and everything, in any and every world". (The oath helps solidify the drone relationship beyond roleplay.)

A drone's pattern color is a single color everywhere; there are no gradients, stripes, etc. for a single drone unit. The exception to this is fusion between drones, where each will retain their glow color and ID, forming a gradient. In these cases, each unit's ID code will appear on the fused body, often times in locations additional to the designated ID code locations.

The Kazotetsu family, including Queen Vinyl, are the only ones capable of producing ULT drones. FU and ULT drones are unable to produce ULT drones without the assistance of a Kazotetsu.

Individual drones are typically referred to as "units". All Kurabli Drones together are referred to as the "collective" (not "hive").

The chain of command for drones is the following: NA Drones, Non-ULT Drones, ULT Drones, Prince/Princess Drones, Kazotetsu Family Members, Queen

Drone IDs

IDs are broken up into two sections with a hyphen in between: the first being two to four letters to represent the drone's designation(s) (highlighted in blue below), and the second a four-character alphanumerical unique ID (highlighted in purple below). IDs are spoken aloud as each character individually (aside from "ULT" which is read as a full syllble), without the hyphen.

  • FU-ASPI (Assimilation (FU) Unit "ASPI")
  • MBET-0XT8 (Breeding (MB) and Entertainment (ET) Unit "0XT8")
  • ULT-H2VK (Ultimate (ULT) Unit "H2VK")

With the current ID format, each designation or designation mix can have up to 1,679,616 (36^4) different drones. In total, this means that there can be up to 110,854,670 drones until the ID format must change.


Kurabli Drones are designated as NA units to begin, but once they have been promoted, they may have up to two designations. A Kurabli Drone may be further promoted to an ULT unit by the queen's decision based upon a drone's performance.

Designations were initially referred to as 'models'. Due to confusion as to whether roles or species were a drone's model, the term had been reassigned to 'designations'.

  • Youth/Child (No Power) [NA]
  • Breeding [MB]
  • Combat [CZ]
  • Entertainment [ET]
  • Chef [CH]
  • Education [ED]
  • Hypnosis [HE]
  • Assimilation [FU]
  • Containment and Securing [NC]
  • Sanitation [CL]
  • Construction [BD]
  • Research [RM]
  • Clothing [LE]
  • Ultimate (All Designations Combined) [ULT]


Drones have abilities and features other goo creatures don’t have, but there’s also downsides for them as well: all of them look the same aside from a change in their glowing color for one, their genes are dominant, more to the point of a virus (child is always a drone), and are programmed to follow the Queen’s commands without resistance or hesitation. Still, food sleep are no longer a requirements, and they’re able to retain their free will and personality unlike drones of other kinds.

Mysterious trait: drones emit some kind of indication of their identity; that is, friends and family of a drone will recognize who they are before they are aware of the dronification process. The exact cause is undetermined, though it's suspected to be visual stimuli in the glowing patterns.

A drone's body is formed from Gyubasium, Neon, Xenon, Melditium, Cronolium, and more.

Some drones choose to wear additional apparel formed from their rubber bodies. Some examples of these apparel are maid outfits, gas masks, diapers, gloves, and boots.

Children of drones are always drones themselves, however all drones are born at full maturity. Their ID code is imprinted the moment they’re created/born, but until they’ve reached eight years of age or otherwise by royal order, their designation specification is “NA” (literally, “None Applicable”).


Any use of artwork featuring Kurabli Drones, including this reference sheet, is permitted only to Kurabli Drones or those with written permission. You may not use a Kurabli Drone picture as your profile picture/icon unless you are a Kurabli Drone (of which you must become one through me). You MUST link back to this page anywhere you use drawings featuring Kurabli Drones. Furthermore, you may NOT trace, repost, copy, or modify drawings featuring Kurabli Drones, nor use them as references for other drone types.

The following are the artists that have drawn the wonderful Kurabli drones in various species (models):