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Kazotetsu Family Directory

Note: all Kazotetsu family members are gooborgs.

Name Role Pronouns Species Telegram Twitter
Queen Vinyl Darkscratch-Kazotetsu Queen she/her Dragon vinyldarkscratch QueenOfKurabli
Emperor/Empress Mogu Kazotetsu Emperor/Empress (Second in Command) he/him or she/her Tiger
Renjiro "Ren" Kazotetsu Queen's Pet he/him Shark [Redacted] [Redacted]
Ashira Kazotetsu Queen's Pawbeast she/her Dragon Pawbeast VaporStrike
Nightshade Kazotetsu Queen's Mother she/her Renamon OutrageousFox
DonnE/Donna Starside-Kazotetsu Queen's Brother/Sister he/him or she/her Shark DonnEStarside
Dusk Toxic-Kazotetsu Queen's Sister she/her Dragon GLiTcHBiTs Dusk_Toxic
(WoChiFo) Queen's Clone she/her Dragon WoChiFo WoChiFo
(Hyo) Queen's Clone she/her Dragon DeCryite
Belgium Kazotetsu Queen's Sister/Clone she/her Renamon
Princess Agerrath Kazotetsu Princess she/her Sergal
Princess Mars Kazotetsu Princess she/her Drake Marstruc Marstruc
Princess Edurran Kazotetsu (MB-M1LK) Princess Drone she/her Dragon
Princess Erin Kazotetsu Princess she/her Dragon PrincessTanuki
Prince Ashen Kazotetsu Prince he/him Dragon DrDooggle
Princess Shreddy Kazotetsu Princess she/her Mouse ShreddyBass
Prince Arzul Kazotetsu Prince he/him Galaxy Shark SpaceSharkArzul
Princess Chrissa Ingot-Kazotetsu (MBCZ-QVGL) Princess Drone she/her Wolf Chris_Ingot
Princess Umari Kazotetsu Princess she/her Fox maxhowler
Princess Fate Kazotetsu Princess she/her Lucario/Zoroark chaoslucario
Princess Fura Kazotetsu Princess she/her Dragon CamillaFoxRP