Goo creatures (drones included): Gyubasium-based

Goo creatures are usually born at the apparent age of eight or ten, and already have basic knowledge (movement, diet, etc. that an eighteen-year-old would know), then grow larger and larger.

Education is a specialized system in the queendom. It is mandatory for eight years starting at age four (or right from birth for drones), though they can start earlier. Children get to choose the path they wish to take, whether it be an art, or maybe studying business, even as far as becoming a drone (which, each drone model gets specialized training for on top of existing classes). Most teachers are drones themselves (ET models to be precise), however that does not mean there aren’t regular goo creatures teaching. After they graduate, they can choose to return for classes at any time to continue their studies.

Office jobs exist within the queendom. Accounting is mostly done by the machines, but drones or goo creatures also chime in and analyze for errors. Customer service is something that many are happy with here, and a number of other office jobs are performed here. Agriculture is an important task, especially for our local “Pompa Berry”.


Bio-compound, Solid-Liquid. The material is capable of carrying consciousness in a hive-like form, i.e. all the molecules staying in connection to each other forms a link, which produces consciousness. Gyubasium is able to multiply itself on request.

Pompa Berry

Blueberries with thicker skin, multiple juice pockets, and about the size of an apple, glowing a nice blue in the moonlight. No special effect on goo creatures, but overconsumption of Pompa inflates any solid beings with it’s juice, turning them blue and immobilizing them for up to a full day.



The Kurabli drones are the guardians, protectors, and servants of the Kurabli queendom. Their bodies consist of a gooey latex, allowing them to be identified easier from the other citizens of the queendom. With no need for food or rest (though both are still enjoyable), they’re perfect for their assigned tasks. The moment that their conversion begins, and the corruptive latex touches their body, their original form is thrown away with no return, although their gooey nature allows them to mimic any species' appearance. A visor remains over their eyes, glowing in a color set upon conversion (usually their favorite), and a digital rendering of eyes display on the exterior of the thick screen. The stripes along their body and through their mane and tail, as well as their entire tongue and throat, wings, horn(s), and any other special traits are all the same color as their visor. On the side of their hip is an ID code, stating their particular model(s) (the first two to four letters before the dash) and their personal ID number (typically four alphanumerical characters). Drones receive a specific model upon maturity (eight years of age) or by the royal order.

Unlike typical drones, the drones of Kurabli aren’t mindless, despite their programming to obey every command from their superiors (primarily Queen Vinyl Darkscratch). Their personalities are unaltered otherwise, with the exception of preventing any possible harm to any being in the queendom, themselves included. Many of these drones have families they care for, and typically live a normal life within the queendom.



Drones have abilities and features other goo creatures don’t have, but there’s also downsides for them as well: all of them look the same aside from a change in their glowing color for one, their genes are dominant, more to the point of a virus (child is always a drone), and while free, they still are programmed to follow the Queen’s commands. Still, food sleep are no longer a requirements, and they’re able to retain their free will and personality unlike drones of other kinds.

Drones have Gyubasium, Neon, Xenon, Melditium, and more in their systems. Melditium: Conductive Metal, Solid.

With the current ID format, each model or model mix can have up to 1,679,616 (36^4) different drones. In total, this means that there can be up to 95,738,112 (36^4*57) drones until the ID format must change.

Children of drones are still drones, they’re just young. Their ID code is imprinted the moment they’re created/born, but until they’ve reached eight years of age or otherwise by royal order, their model specification is “NA” (literally, “None Applicable”).

Kurabli greeting party: BD-01AX, FU-ZIKA, HE-V7F2, NC-75O4, ET-4G8R, and CZ-IPC5

First Drones