Vinyl Darkscratch-Kazotetsu

Just your average, every day, gooborg alicorn mare. Musician, animator, 3D modeler, and web developer.

You may have noticed, but this site version is still a (very early) work in progress. Sit tight, I'll be making it much better soon, with a more artistic touch, promise~ -VD


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Kurabli Kingdom (Goo Creatures, Drones, etc.)

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For her music production, Vinyl has started out as a classical pianist, flutist, and singer since elementary school. In her pre-teen years, she developed a taste for electronic music, listening to artists such as Lapfox. She started composing music in GarageBand and MuseScore, and created many tracks that she kept to herself. Later in time, she has upgraded to using Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and FL Studio, which is what most of her songs have been made with. She continues to experiment with music and improve her abilities.

Vinyl has been interested in the multimedia and animation industry since taking a summer camp from Bev Standish. Since then she has been working towards a Multimedia certificate, then a degree. She has learned how to use programs such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Lightwave (through classes), and Source Filmmaker (on her own). She is constantly testing out new techniques and improving her animating abilities.

Since she was eight years old, Vinyl has been fascinated in the behind-the-scenes coding for computers. She started programming with Game Maker at the age of ten, then moved onto coding from scratch, taking classes with Mike Glover and learning Python, C, C++, and HTML. The following year, she started creating her first website for her studio, Nightwave Studios, learning JavaScript and CSS. As a little side project, she has created a chat bot for Cloudsdale called "Vinylbot" and "Fumeibot," branching from the original, deprecated "Connorbot," written in C#.

Vinyl is the founder of a volunteer-based production company known as Nightwave Studios, founded in 2012 and recreated once again in 2015. Nightwave focuses on comics, animations, music, models, web development, and translations, and consists of over 75 loyal members eager for the next assignment.